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[REVIEW] Snow Like Ashes – Sara Raasch

Set in a land with kingdoms of Seasons and Rhythms, all Meira wants is to be someone worthy in the fight to claim back her kingdom, Winter from the clutches of the kingdom of Spring’s Angra. Sixteen years old and full of ambition, she decides to set out after Winter’s conduit, the broken magical locket.


After finishing Snow Like Ashes last night, I regret leaving it by my bed for so long, untouched. One thing I noticed about Raasch’s writing is its poetic and descriptive nature, merging seamlessly together to create the scenes of action.

My arms are too rubbery from my windowsill grab to throw my chakram, so I settle for the curved knives hidden in my boots. One in each hand, I creep across the narrow storage room. The door opens easily enough and I fly out, knives ready, heart racing (39).

It was refreshing to find a female protagonist with a headstrong nature. She was prickly, sensitive but at the same time, not annoying. From the beginning, we see her doubts and insecurities, making it easier to empathise with her plight. She wields a chakram and is skilled at long-range fighting. Pretty badass? Yep.

I wasn’t too surprised at the introduction of a love triangle – most YA books have one. On one hand we have Meira’s childhood best friend and future king, Mather. On the other we have her betrothed, Cordell’s crown prince, Theron. Although we know Mather and Meira grew up together, there weren’t too many moments with them together due to the action of the story. As a result, I began to like Theron just a little bit more, in all his poetic and beaming glory. But I’ve heard that we get to see more of Mather and his thinking in Ice Like Fire, the second book in the series.

The only criticism I have is the way Meira finds out information from the past. Although everything makes sense and is done carefully enough that it doesn’t seem like a cop-out, it still kind of does? I don’t want to spoiler it in case anyone hasn’t read it yet, but for those who have, you’ll probably understand what I mean. It’s so… convenient and so… creative (??). As you can see, I still have mixed feelings about this.

Still, I really enjoyed Snow Like Ashes and the little plot twist at the end that I really did not expect. I can’t WAIT to pick up the next book. And it seems after that, the third book will be coming out in September this year so I won’t have to wait too long.

So that’s 4.5 stars for the action and the creativity. Definitely give this book a try.


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